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Share your world, with the world

Hydrin is a free platform that allows you to share everything that you do from social media links to images

Express yourself—we’ll try not to stand in the way

Customization is at the forefront of any Hydrin profile. We’ll help you create a beautiful color palette, pick the content you want to show, and add other quirks to make the page feel like yours

Best-in-class features and tools for free

Our commitment to ethics

Privacy is our mission

Like all Dive services, we designed Hydrin to put users at the center. Because of this, taking more data than we need is literally against the whole goal. Don’t believe us? You can look at all (and we mean all) the data we actually do collect on you

If you create an account with Hydrin/Dive, we'll know about it

All of your connection data is stored in one place. It's never anaylized by computers to learn more about your interests and create a profile on you

We refer to you only by the name you enter onto Hydrin. We do not collaborate with other networks to improve our understanding of your identity

We know how many devices you're logged onto, but not the type of device or its location

We store visitor IP addresses in order to provide an accurate count of unique people visiting your profle. These addresses are always kept anonymous and couldn't be linked back to one specific visitor

To protect our community, we know when you make new connections and can read their titles and contents. All connections are immediately made public to the internet, so we simply know a few seconds faster than any other person

For security, we know when you log in and when you or someone else has a failed attempt at logging into your account

We know what your password is (obviously), but it's always stored in its encrypted form. Your password can only be revealed if the same password is used to verify it

Did we already mention that it’s free?

We believe it's a fundamental right to have an adless online presence for free. That's why every Hydrin feature is at no cost to you. Seriously. So, what’s the catch? The catch is that this entire app was built by two 19 year olds and we lose a lot of money keeping it up. If you want to support our mission, be sure to check out our other products

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This step is literally meaningless and no information you type here will ever be sent outside of your computer. We do, however, know that people like to try things before they officially make an account. If that's you, you can create a mockup profile here!

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